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Student Enrichment
Research shows that students who participate in school activities have greater academic success and are less likely to get into trouble. March Middle School offers excellent music and arts programs. Students may participate in instrumental music classes. Students may enroll in art classes or student leadership classes as an elective course. Students with special interests and talents are invited to join school-sponsored clubs and enjoy activities such as band, GATE enrichment, school dances, student leadership, and AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination). Every student is encouraged to get involved and participate!

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
Associated Student Body
Bible Club
English Language Development (ELD)
Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)
Special Education
Think Together
  • GATE
    Gifted and Talented Education Program

    March Middle School offers a Gifted and Talented Education program for students who have been recognized as high achievers by their teachers and through district testing. Both GATE and non-GATE high achievers are placed in college prep classes. On designated days, all GATE students participate in a full-day workshop featuring activities in science, robotics, cell structure, chemical reaction, and lab work. GATE students are invited to participate in after-school activities/special events sponsored throughout the year.
  • AVID
    Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID)

    March Middle School offers the Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) program as an elective to qualifying students. The program targets students with a grade point average ranging from 2.5 to 3.5, and who may be the first of their family members to attend college. AVID equips students with the skills required to be successful in post-secondary education. Communication skills, writing in particular, are strongly emphasized. Organizational, study, and note-taking skills are key elements of the college preparation process.
  • Exceptional Learners
    Special education students are mainstreamed into the general education classroom based upon their IEP (Individual Education Plan) and provided instruction in the least restrictive environment. March Middle School’s special education program is staffed by two special education teachers and two special education aides who provide both full period and full day instruction in two special day classes. Two resource specialist teachers and three resource specialist aides provide individual and small group support inside the general education environment under the direction of classroom teachers (collaborative model and co-teaching model). Life skills classes are supported by four certificated teachers and nine instructional aides specially trained to effectively deliver the life skills curriculum.

    Each student is provided instruction based upon their IEP, which is reviewed and updated annually by the school’s IEP teams. The IEP ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to core curriculum and educational opportunities and is used to coordinate specially-designed instruction based upon individual academic, social, and behavioral needs.
  • ASB
    Students can sign up to be in ASB as an elective course. Students assist others in school activities such as the recycling program, school dances, etc. Please see the ASB advisor for more information about how to join ASB!!!
  • English Language Development
    English Language Learners

    All of March Middle School’s teachers are certified and trained to provide instruction for students identified as English Learners (EL). Beginning level EL students receive one or more full periods of English Language Development (ELD) instruction either as a component of or a supplement to their regular language arts curriculum. Using National Geographic School Publishing's Inside curriculum, ELD instruction focuses on reading development, verbal language development, and vocabulary building. One bilingual aide collaborates with class teachers to provide in-class small group and individual support based upon student needs.

    As students increase fluency in the English language, March Middle School continues to monitor student performance through CELDT results, benchmark assessments, and classroom observation to adjust instruction as needed to ensure continued success in acquiring the English language and proficiency in reading/language arts.
  • Think Together
    Think Together

    "THINK Together partners with local school districts, providing a customized, structured, academically-oriented model that helps close the achievement gap. Students benefit from homework help, academically-oriented activities, group tutoring, as well as structured physical fitness, leadership and team-building activities."

    THINK Together meets daily on the March Middle School Campus. For more information, please contact the school receptionist at (951) 490-0430.
Bible Club
March Middle School Bible Club

We are the March Middle School Bible Club. Anyone can join us. We meet from 12:30 to 1:00 in Room 803. Come make new friends, learn about God and the Bible and make a difference at March Middle School. For more information, please see Mr. Wasson.
Jr. Scholars
Maverick Scholars is a rigorous and challenging Academic Pathway for high-achieving students designed to prepare them for elite programs such as Rancho Verde Scholars and Citrus Hill’s International Baccalaureate program. Maverick Scholars students take specially-designed advanced courses supplemented with a variety of extracurricular opportunities and supports.

Maverick Scholars students:
· Want to maximize their potential to attend the university of their choice,
· Want to take the most challenging and advanced courses offered,
· Want to excel in Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school,
· Want to participate in a variety of enriched extra-curricular activities,
· Enjoy the prestige of participating in an elite program.

The Maverick Scholars Program offers:
· Highly-qualified and dedicated staff
· Scholars and Pre-AP English, History, and Science courses
· Accelerated / Scholars Math courses
· Enriched Extra- and Co-curricular opportunities (Science Fair, Spelling Bee, History Day, community service, etc)

What is required for application to the Maverick Scholars Program?
Each Maverick Scholar student must meet specific eligibility requirements to be considered for the program. Students who choose to apply will be admitted based on a flexible point system. Indicators such as Math and English placements, standardized test scores, grade point average, co-curricular involvement, attendance, and discipline as well as a writing assessment and teacher recommendations are examined prior to acceptance.

Maverick Scholars must:
● Maintain grades of B or better in all classes (3.5 GPA)
● Maintain satisfactory attendance and school citizenship
● Participate in various academic competitions (spelling bee, National History Day, etc.)
● Are role models for other students
● Must complete at least 10 hours of community service each year